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Twenty 20 Talent e-learning


Gamified online training helping your teams learn to be effective at every stage of the recruitment process through interactive learning exercises.
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: The Recruitment Lifecycle

Twenty 20 utilise blended learning solutions by combining classroom training workshops, on-desk live call coaching and self-guided online training to ensure that learning takes place continuously, ...not just on scheduled training days.

Built specifically for the recruitment industry; Twenty 20's e-learning solution empowers recruiters to continually sharpen their skills through a cloud based platform providing a comprehensive menu of recruitment specific training courses.

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: The World of Recruitment
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Headhunting
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Sourcing candidates

Support your teams to learn about every stage of the recruitment process through a series of engaging learning exercises and quizzes including drag and drop style, multiple choice and scenario based exercises. 

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: The Recruitment Lifecycle interaction
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Counter Offers Inteaction
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Recruitment Processes
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Recruitment Processes Timeline
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  • Increase knowledge and skill levels across your recruitment business. 

  • 'Anytime, anywhere' learning for your team members ...even from their own devices.

  • Increased reach and global consistency of Learning and Development is achieved by taking things online and interactive.

  • Empower your Team Leaders to deliver ad-hoc training sessions supported by Twenty 20's industry leading content.

  • Powerful reporting tools included to help you understand who's learning and the test results the team are achieving.

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: The Sales Call Structure
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Boolean Searching
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Securing Client Exclusivity

Our menu of online recruitment training includes interactive and immersive exercises for new starters that can be accessed from their own device before their official first day with the business.

Help the team get up to speed on company expectations/culture and recruiting for your vertical markets before they officially join you.

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Recruiter versus candidate benefits interaction
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Responsive courses for mobile devices
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Candidate exclusivity interaction
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Negotiating exclusivity interaction
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Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Mapping the market
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Leadership Essentials
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Time Management

Recruitment specific online training for your 

sales, management and operations teams.

Interactive training exercises, downloadable PDFs summarising the main messages and quizzes and tests to ensure the training has landed.

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Managing the Interview Process
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Managing the interview process PDF handout
Managing the Interview Process.jpg

We have some great testimonials from our Users and Clients

"The E-Learning is far more in-depth and relevant than anything I have seen in my previous recruitment businesses. I find that there is a real benefit to taking time out of a busy work schedule to complete the course as it compliments both the classroom based training sessions and daily challenges of the job very well."

Matt McGarvey, Head of Onshore Renewables Recruitment (USA), Taylor Hopkinson

"Twenty 20’s e-learning platform is full of great content and learning exercises helping our teams of recruiters get better outcomes from their candidate and client calls ...and ultimately helping to place more contract and perm candidates into new careers.  The online training allows us to provide a rounded training offering to our teams that keeps training messages alive between training days and also helps us measure the skill levels within our business."

Nick Edelman, Director, Revolution Technology

Client testimonil Taylor Hopkinson
Cliet testimonial Revolution Technology

"The eLearning application is easy to use and flows really well.  Also, the subject content is very high quality and continues to guide my learning. I really like the fact that the eLearning not only enables new employees to quickly learn about the business, but it's available 24/7 and enables you to track your learning progress by completing a test at the end of every subject.


The user interface is simple, quick and straightforward to use.  Furthermore, it offers a wide range of interactive elements which guarantee users never feel fatigued. From my experience, it has plenty of great references which refer back to content we got from the classroom.  It's helping me make money so I wholeheartedly recommend it to recruiters."

Desmond Mujana, Consultant, Leaman Life Sciences

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Pre-Start Learning for your business' new joiners

Online learning available for your business' new starters to complete before their official first day with the business.

Help your new team members get up to speed with your company and their role whilst also providing them with key information about their target market to help them hit the ground running on their first day.


Click to find out more

about Pre-Starter Learning

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Contract Recruitment Insights

Perm and Contract specific training courses

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Winning Retained Assignments
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Delivering Retained Assignments
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Contract recruitment Strategy
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Running Successful Client Meetings
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Neutralising Counter Offers
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Qualifying Candidates
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Questioning interaction
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Reverse Marketing Specing
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: New Business Development

Contact us today to find out more about how recruitment specific e-learning can support your team to get better at what they do, improve their rations and deliver more NFI.

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: The art of negotiation
Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: Understanding personality Profiles
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