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Twenty 20 Talent e-learning
Increasing the skills and performance of your business’ sales, operational and leadership teams.


Providing your teams with the right training to increase their performance and satisfaction in their roles is no longer beneficial only once the team are already onboard – Generation Y and the Milennials actively seek roles within organisations that provide training and fast tracked career development.


Therefore, providing a quality Learning and Development offering not only impacts Talent Acquisition positively, but evidence shows that members of teams which are constantly developing new skills remain with organisations much longer as they don’t ever reach a point where they feel like they have plateaued.  This positive impact on retention not only reduces Talent Acquisition costs but also introduces significant revenue increases due to accelerated performance from more highly skilled teams.


Whether you’re looking to offer an impactful induction to new recruiters, increase the skills of your more experienced Consultants or support your management team with increased leadership skills, Twenty 20 offer the training interventions and follow up to land and drive smarter ways of working within your recruitment business.

Menu of Learning and Development:

We design bespoke L&D solutions for your business and also offer a menu of training proven to deliver quality return

on investment across three critical areas of your business:

Sales, Leadership and Operations teams.


Recruitment Sales Training 

Twenty 20 Talent’s menu of recruitment specific sales training includes a range of training interventions aimed at both permanent and contract recruitment teams.   Understanding that your teams of recruiters will be likely to include a wide variety of experience levels; our training modules are designed to promote knowledge sharing within your business and accelerate performance. 

Our face to face training workshops are also supported by our e-learning platform which contains a full menu of interactive online training courses for Recruiters.


A sample selection of these training events and workshops includes:

  • Pre-Start Learning for your businesses new joiners (online training to bring your new starters up to speed on your company and their vertical markets before their official first day with the business)

  • Recruitment Bootcamp (three days of classroom based interactive learning followed by a day of call assessments and feedback to live candidates and/or clients)

  • Lunchtime drop in Sales Surgery (bring your questions)

  • Working with CVs and Resumes

  • Sourcing Candidates

  • Qualifying Candidates

  • Boolean Searching

  • Headhunting 

  • Identifying New Business Opportunities

  • New Business Development

  • Closing Techniques

  • Mapping the Market

  • Generating Leads and Referrals

  • Securing Candidate Exclusivity

  • Securing Client Exclusivity

  • Vacancy Qualification

  • Candidate and Vacancy Grading

  • Managing the Interview Process

  • Managing your Recruitment Pipeline

  • Neutralising Counter Offers

  • Winning Retained Assignments

  • Delivering Retained Assignments

  • Contract Recruitment Insights

  • Reverse Marketing/Specing

  • Running Successful Client Meetings

  • ​Identifying your Vertical Market

  • Maximising Existing Clients

  • Written Sales (adverts and mailshots)

  • Desk Based Coaching

  • LinkedIn training

  • CRM training for EZ Access, Bullhorn and Salesforce

  • Deskside Deal Doctor (coaching through live obstacles and threats to placements)

  • Stress Testing your team's pipeline

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning

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platform for Recruiters

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: pre-learning

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Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: face to face classroom training

Leadership Training

The recruitment industry typically promotes it’s highest performers into leadership positions early.  This can be a daunting proposition for those in the challenging role of continuing to bill whilst attempting to balance this with formally managing others for the first time.


Twenty 20 Talent’s Leadership Training extends from Team Leader level all the way through to working with the senior management teams.


Typical examples of Leadership Training include:


  • Fast Track for aspiring Team Leaders

  • Understanding Psychometric Profiles

  • Managing your team according to their Personality Type

  • Managing Performance

  • Maximising Motivation

  • Effective 121s

  • Quarterly Reviews and Appraisals

  • Managing Conflict Within The Team

  • Honest Conversations

  • Managing Upwards

  • Growth Strategy and Forecasting

Operations Team Training

Twenty 20 also provide training for your operational teams including Marketing, Finance, IT and HR.


Examples of typical modules include:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion inc. Differential Attainment

  • Time Management

  • Effective Communication

  • Utilising 360 Reviews

  • Commerciality

  • Working to Deadlines

  • Accountability

  • Team Work

  • The Art of Negotiation

Twenty 20 Talent utilises the 70/20/10 Adult Learning Model

Twenty 20 Talent e-learning: adult learning model
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